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  • Spectrasonics OMNISPHERE

This is another great product from Spectrasonics. We love this product and still use it frequently in our own productions as it’s easy to use and very powerful.

The range and breadth of sounds are truly impressive. Whether you’re looking for beautiful atmospheric pads or amazing sounding choirs (check out the “Tuvan Drones” preset), Omnisphere will not let you down. As with all other products from Spectrasonics you can load up to 8 patches in one instance (which is uncommon in the softsynth world).

The latest version supports remote (iPad app) controlled Orb feature, which is quite cool. The possibility to create your own patch by uploading audio files and utilizing the powerful features of the new interface makes Omnisphere a truly powerful synthesiser. If you want to dig deep and produce awesome creative soundscapes try the granular synthesis — when we first heard it we were blown away. In this new version, Omnisphere has added a new list of patches that are quite exceptional and most of them are inspired by original vintage (and existing) hardware synth models.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
  • Amazing set of atmospheric and synth sounds
  • Very easy to use and reasonably straightforward interface
  • Nice effects
  • Beautiful range of sounds

  • It’s not cheap
  • Takes a while to set up

Who should buy this product?

  • You’re a music producer and need a powerful and easy-to-use softsynth to create beautiful atmospheric sounds.
  • You’re a professional musician who’s searching for a powerful softsynth to use on stage.
  • You’re a writer/musician who needs a powerful tool to create ideas instantly.
  • You see this as a long-term investment and wish to have a world class pallet of sounds in your arsenal

Who should not buy this product?

  • If you’re not too fussy and your intention is simply to get a decent softsynth then don’t buy Omnisphere. There are more affordable options.
8.5 Total Score

A brilliant softsynth with an eclectic collection of sounds that are going to keep you constantly inspired and on the edge.

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