Spectrasonics Trilian

  • Spectrasonics Trilian
  • Spectrasonics Trilian
  • Spectrasonics Trilian
  • Spectrasonics Trilian
  • Spectrasonics Trilian

Yet another awesome product by the talented folks at Spectrasonics. Trilian is arguably the most powerful one-stop bass solution.

With its wide range of high quality-sounding bass presets (from upright acoustic samples to modern synth sounds) it is definitely a must-have product for any serious producer. We ourselves use it frequently in our productions. Trillian’s sound library includes the original patches of its predecessor (Trilogy) and the wide selection of patches make it great for all types of musical genres. Inbuilt effect processors and eq filters are helpful for quick solutions within Trillian’s interface. One of our favourite patches is the Full Upright Acoustic which if programmed properly will leave you stunned and unable to distinguish whether it’s a real musician playing or a sample. As with all other Spectrasonic products you can load up to 8 patches in one instance. This is very helpful as you can create your own unique layer of sounds by combining several patches in one go.

Trust us, if used well, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the sample and a live session musician. It comes highly recommended.

Spectrasonics Trilian
  • A powerful bass solution containing a rich and wide range of amazing bass samples
  • Easy to use interface allowing you to utilize powerful features such as the Arpeggiator and the glide mode instantly
  • You can load multiple samples in once instance
  • Great value for money

  • Beware of previewing in high volume as some of these samples have extreme sub-frequencies that could blow your speakers (and ears) into oblivion!

Who should buy this product?

  • You’re a music producer and need a powerful and easy-to-use softsynth to meet all your bass instrument needs.
  • You’re a professional musician who’s searching for a powerful softsynth to use on stage.
  • You see this as a long-term investment and wish to have a world class softsynth added to your sound palette.

Who should not buy this product?

  • If you’re not too fussy and your intention is purely to find a decent bass patch then Trillian is not for you. There are more affordable options. 
8.5 Total Score

A one-stop in the box bass solution for all kinds of music production

Sound Quality
User Experience
Value for Money

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