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Cubase is the original DAW with millions of musicians, composers, producers and engineers using it on a daily basis.

With its pristine playback engine and unrivaled advanced tools, it’s no wonder that many users consider it as the most complete DAW on the market today. It’s fair to say that Cubase sets the benchmark for contemporary music production software. Cubase will allow you to do anything from full-scale symphonic arrangements to modern day Pop hits. Nothing has been overlooked. Everything from mixing, editing, composing, producing to scoring and more has been made possible by Cubase. Its powerful platform allows you to create complex templates and integrate 5.1 surround sound capabilities seamlessly. Once you’ve tasted Cubase it’s hard to use anything else. Its easy-to-use powerful tools and functionality is bound to seduce you forever. As you can tell, it’s our preferred DAW!

Elements 10
Artist 10
Pro 10
  • Excellent editing tools for midi production
  • Powerful workflow environment
  • Unlimited audio, instrument and MIDI tracks and up to 256 physical inputs and outputs
  • Perfect integration of external hardware
  • The Mix Window has an independent undo/redo history which is very helpful!

  • Its sampling tools are not as powerful as some of its competitors

Who should buy this product?

  • You have the cash and purchasing this won’t hurt you.
  • You’re a studio owner and/or musician who sees this as a long-term investment.
  • You’re a musician/producer who wants an all-in-one platform for all kinds of audio and music production.

Who should not buy this product?

  • If you don’t have a big budget, there are cheaper alternatives.
10 Total Score

An amazing audio workstation with powerful tools to meet all your audio, music and production needs

Sound Quality
User Experience
Value for Money
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