Slate Digital Everything Bundle

  • Slate Digital Everything Bundle

If you’re looking for rich analogue processing to take your productions to the next level, the Everything Bundle from Slate Digital is a must.

From channel emulations of famous consoles to the emulation of vintage gears, it’s all yours to play with. It also comes in various affordable subscription packages.  


Who should buy this product?

  1. You have the cash and it won’t break the bank
  2. You see this as a long-term investment — either as a studio owner if you wish to ‘up’ your game and offer an amazing product to your clientele
  3. You’re a professional vocalist/musician who just loves the warmth and pristine quality of the Brauner sound (and who’s tired of spending countless dollars on studio fees!)

Who should not buy this product?

  1. If you don’t have a big budget, do not put yourself in debt over this mic
  2. If you’re intention is solely to get a ‘great sounding’ mic, don’t buy this mic. There are cheaper alternatives. Check here.
  3. The relationship with the Brauner VMA (or any product with that kind of price tag) should ultimately be a kind of love affair and if you’re not


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  • Awesome algorithm with low CPU usage for achieving authentic vintage gear emulations such as dynamic processors and tape simulations
  • Excellent emulation of the famous consoles such as NEVE, SSL etc
  • Excellent value for money
  • Providing in bundles and bundles
  • No
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