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Unlike Waves, Soundtoys is somewhat of an industry secret. Only the very elite industry professionals use it. It’s a highly recommended plugin collection for any serious producer/engineer wishing to take their work to the next level. One thing about SoundToys you need to remember is that, as with most elite products, the difference you hear is often subtle or even understated. The truth is, the difference between a good sound and a great sound lies in a 10% margin. SoundToys provides you that 10%.

Plugins like the Crystallizer Granular Delay, Decapitator Distortion and Filter Freak sound awesome and are very easy to navigate once you pass through the quick learning curve. Many of the plugins are inspired by vintage hardware gears, for example the PrimalTap is based on Lexicon’s most famous game-changing hardware gear Prime Time Digital Delay. One of our personal favourite plugins in the bundle is the Microshift. It’s a powerful easy-to-use program that allows you to add awesome width and a rich harmonized sound. All the plugins in the bundle are really powerful and it would not be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the best plugin collections on the market.

Soundtoys 5
  • Primal Tap is a superbly creative delay effect
  • The new Effect Rack (compared to the previous version) makes it  easy to link and automate multiple SoundToys plugins in one go
  • Improved interface makes Tweak panels much more accessible
  • Awesome doubler plugins included

  • Some global splitting, routing and modulation options could have made Effect Rack more versatile, interesting and practical
  • A few plugins are missing from the Effect Rack
  • No subscription model available at present
  • It’s quite processor-intensive (you’ll need a strong setup)

Who should buy this product?

  • You have the cash and can afford this bundle.
  • You’re relatively established as an engineer and/or producer and wish to move up the ‘sound ladder.’
  • You see this as a long-term investment either as a studio owner or an engineer/producer.

Who should not buy this product?

  • If you’re a novice then this product is not for you
  • You can always purchase individual products in case you feel you don’t need the full bundle (however, the bundle works out much cheaper in the long run)
9.5 Total Score

A must-have bundle for any serious producer/engineer wishing to create world-class sounding productions. If you’re aiming for that ‘X factor’ most A List producers reach and you’re always wondering how they do it, then this bundle is made for you.

Sound Quality
User Experience
Value for Money

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