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If you’re living in the 21st century and want to make music that is in and COOL, you need Signal. Output (the company that owns Signal) is doing what Spectrasonics did 20 years ago: revolutionise the process of making music. Like Spectrasonics, every product by Output has proven to be formidable and leave a mark. Just a quick heads up: you need to have Kontakt (by Native Instruments) installed in order to run Signal.

This virtual instrument focuses primarily on pulsing sounds – from synth sounds, glitch noise effects to cool and abstract arpeggios. You can create your pulses by utilizing 4 unique features which are the Step, Arp, Loop and Wav. These types of pulse sounds are quite popular and can be heard from film scores all the way to electronic pop productions. The presets are very well organised and tagged according to the various moods (e.g. ‘dark’, ‘clean’, ‘sound design’, etc). Its slick interface, powerful synthesis engine tools, dynamic effect processor, arpeggiator and easy to use filters make this a truly awesome virtual instrument! Unlike other sample-based libraries made for Kontakt, you can actually do a lot with Signal.

Output Signal

  • Excellent wide range of edgy presets and arpeggios
  • Quick assignable midi parameters
  • Impressive parameters such as loopers, step sequencer, LFOs to create inspirational rhythmic patterns
  • Great for cinematic and Pop productions
  • Affordable and phenomenal value for money

  • There’s a slight learning curve required as many of the features are not visible at first glance

Who should buy this product?

  • You’re a producer and want to add an edge to your productions.
  • You’re into electronic music or hybrid cinematic scores.
  • You’re a songwriter or musician looking for inspiration.  
  • You’re a studio owner/producer and wish to add a world class library to your list of sounds.

Who should not buy this product?

  • If you’re looking for a ‘normal’ softsynth with a wide range of sound libraries then don’t buy this product as it’s not going to have much use beyond what it does best, which is pulsing sounds. For a softsynth that offers many different sound libraries we would recommend SYNTH MASTER
9 Total Score

This library from Output is truly impressive and should be added Kontakt urgently. There’s simply nothing like it on the market.

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