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Yet another amazing product by the good folks at Output. We love this product and use it frequently. Movement is a plugin that allows you to run any sound into it and then transform it into something impressive and totally unexpected. It’s a great product. Check out the video demo below.

Movement is Output’s first audio based plugin which is designed to manipulate any audio sound source to a rhythmic pattern. It has two effects engines (rack A and B) that represent a range of processing units including filters, delays, reverbs, compression and distortion. With the help of powerful tools in this software we can turn a smooth pad into something pulse based and groovy. Our two favorite features are the Flux Control and the X-Y Sliders which allow modulation on different LFOs as well as step sequencers to create unimaginable results. We highly recommend purchasing Movement as part of a bundle deal from Output. Let’s face it, every single one of Output’s products are amazing and effective in helping to achieve great modern production results!


  • Amazing and easy to use presets
  • Wide range of sidechain functionalities
  • It has multi-effects processors built into its simple interface (i.e. many effects in one plugin)
  • It’s amazingly low-priced and incredible value for money

  • It’s CPU intensive and will slow down your computer (unless you have a powerful setup)
  • The current version (Version 1.1) has a graphic bug where the screen gets frozen. Hopefully this will be resolved soon!

Who should buy this product?

  • You’re a producer looking for a fast and easy solution to creating unique sounds  
  • You are a sound designer and/or electronic music enthusiast
  • You are a professional music producer and/or musician who is looking for new ideas and inspiration

Who should not buy this product?

  • You expect a synthesiser and not a plugin. This product manipulates and transforms what you feed into it. Don’t expect it to ‘make’ music for you.  
9 Total Score

A highly powerful and innovative plugin that will keep you inspired.

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