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Pro Tools can be considered THE industry standard product in the world of Audio. Since it’s one of the very first DAW’s to appear on the scene, it’s considered an authority with other developers continuously using it as their benchmark for audio recording software. It’s a highly sophisticated program for professional use with outstanding editing and recording possibilities.

One of the major features in this software is how each window (Edit and Mix) is organized — a dream DAW for any engineer. Each track can have multiple playlists which is a handy feature especially if you’re recording drums. Unlike other DAWs, Pro Tools has industry standard key commands which can’t be edited or altered. Its hardware integration is flawless (especially in the HD version) and it is without a doubt the most powerful DAW when it comes to mixing, recording and editing audio. It comes with over 60 virtual instruments, thousands of sounds and an extensive loop library. It’s not unusual for producers (including us) to want to programme in another DAWs such as Cubase or Ableton. However, most producers will want their final mixes to take place in Pro Tools. The reason for this lies in the fact that Pro Tools’ midi functionality is simply not on par with the likes of Cubase or other competitors. However, when it comes to audio, Pro Tools wins every time. Aside from having many extensive features, Pro Tools also has great user support. Simply put, this is the finest software for editing, recording and mixing. It is not, however, the go-to place when it comes to creating music or beats directly from the software. We have been using Pro Tools for over 25 years and will continue doing so for one simple reason: there’s nothing that comes close to its superior editing and mixing capabilities.

Avid Pro Tools
  • Superior playback engine
  • Scalable interface allowing customized mix templates
  • Powerful audio editing tools
  • Seamless integration with top-of-the-line industry products and consoles
  • Works on the Cloud with their new Cloud collaboration

  • Although its subscription package is flexible, it’s still considerably more expensive when compared to other DAWs
  • Unlike other competitors on the market, unlimited number of tracks is not possible and the midi functionality pales when compared to the likes of Cubase or Logic
  • It only supports AAX plugin format
  • Limited storage in Cloud collaboration
  • It’s not cheap!

Who should buy this product?

  • You have the cash and purchasing this won’t hurt you.
  • You’re a studio owner and/or music producer who sees this as a long-term investment.
  • You’re a professional vocalist/musician who wants to have a decent setup at home.
  • You’re a musician/vocalist who needs a powerful editing software to use at home and on-the-go.

Who should not buy this product?

  • If you don’t have a big budget, do not put yourself in debt over this product. There are affordable alternatives. 


10 Total Score

An exceptionally powerful digital audio workstation with unrivaled sound quality and superior editing and mixing capabilities.

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